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Miracle on a Leash Weekend Workshops

Miracle On A Leash

Service Dog, Therapy Dog & Puppy Training Hands-on Workshop

Presented by Heelers 4 Heroes / Healers 4 Hope



The Park Inn by Radisson Hotel

Toledo, Ohio


Cost:  $100 Donation per day or all three days for $250 (you may attend one day or all three days)

                *Day 3 is for Dog/Handler teams in attendance

Block Room Rate:  $90 + tax/night or $139 + tax for Pampered Pet Package



This workshop is open to anyone interested in obtaining, training or working with Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs. Families with new furry friends who wish to learn canine training skills are also encouraged to attend. Additionally, valuable information will be presented for institutional administrators, educators, counselors, therapists and health care professionals and advocates. Information will be provided to those who desire to start their own Assistance Dog/Therapy Dog provider/training organization, group, or club.

A growing number of service dogs and therapy dogs are appearing in hospitals, courts, schools, prisons and juvenile facilities and disaster relief areas on the heels of new research that shows the emotional and physiological benefits of dog-person contact.

Heelers 4 Heroes / Healers 4 Hope (“H4H”) is a Toledo-based nonprofit organization committed to providing Assistance Dogs, training and support to veterans, first responders, and civilians challenged with various disabilities. H4H has immediate openings in our Service Dog owner-based training program. Additionally, we have new litters of forever best friends available for our Spring 2018 class. Attending this workshop is a prerequisite to receiving a puppy and Spring class placement. Our Super Puppy Program graduate, training and assistance dog gear is provided at no cost to the handler/recipient.

The venue for this workshop is the elegant and pet friendly, Park Inn, A Radisson Hotel. A special block of rooms, complete with dog beds and bark boxes (if you choose) has been reserved for this H4H event. Continental breakfast and lunch will be included for registered attendees.

Of course Service Dogs and Service Dogs In Training are welcome to accompany their handlers throughout the lecture and dining portions of the program. Unfortunately, due to health department restrictions and other concerns, only Service Dogs/Service Dogs In Training (SDIT) will be permitted in the restaurant area during lunch.

As some of our furry friends may lack the discipline and maturity required to spend a day in a lecture setting, doggy daycare will be available, at additional cost to the participant, by A Walk in the Park doggy daycare services. A Walk in the Park provides pick up and drop off of dogs at the hotel during the workshop. Pre-registration and up-to-date immunization records (including current flu shots) are required by A Walk in the Park.

One-on-one evaluations and training, Puppy Aptitude Test, Canine Good Citizen test, Public Access and Service Dog Testing and Certification will be available on Day three (optional).

The three day workshop will be organized as follows:

(Topics covered include)

 Day One: Obtaining a Service Dog

        Handling etiquette

        History of working dogs

        Veterans and PTSD/TBI dogs / The 22

        Psychiatric Service Dogs

        Seizure alert and response dogs

        Autism Assistance Dogs

        Guide Dogs

        Hearing Dogs

        Mobility Dogs

        Therapy Dogs

        Dogs in schools, institutions and social environments

        Integrating dogs into the therapy process

        Children and teens and Service Dogs 

        ADA and state laws pertaining to Service Dogs

        Service Dogs and housing / the law

        Service Dog programs / types and costs

        Service Dog availability / Waiting lists

        Breed considerations

        Assessing rescue and shelter dogs

        Assessing puppies / Puppy Aptitude Testing

        H4H Program and available dogs / dogs in training

        Integrating SD into home, school, or the workplace

        Is a service dog right for me?


Day Two:  Training a Service Dog

        The Homeless / 200,000 veterans

        Training terms defined

        Training philosophy

        Positive reinforcement vs. negative punishment/corrections

        Rules, boundaries, limitations / dogs want discipline, love & sincerity

        Engagement & enrichment / dogs want a job

        Exercise and energy level

        Training markers

        Field training cards / training strategy / training plan

        Food drive / toy drive

        Consistency, repetition, praise and reward

        Canine body language

        Fight / flight / avoidance / submission

        Training tools / gear / equipment

        Training as a group / Drills and dynamics

        Dogs train dogs

        Child proofing

        Training games / IQ games / nose games

        Incorporating games into training

        Building canine confidence


1. Intensive Service Dog Task Training

        Strategy / plan

        Comfort / Confidence / Caution / Alerts

        Establishing baselines / physiological & emotional

Creativity in training / No two days are alike

        Chaining alerts and tasks

        Training a Service Dog - 70%bonding; 20% basic obedience; 10% intensive task training

        Training as a group / drills and dynamics applied to Service Dog tasks


2. Integrating Service Dog into Therapy

Physiological effects of depression, anxiety

Physiological effects of a dog

Emotional effects on human physiology

Mirroring techniques / demonstration

Deep tissue therapy

Eye gazing

Aromatherapy / Calmness / Dog smell

The power of puppies

Comfort / Confidence / Caution / Openness


3. Starting a Service Dog Organization, Group, or Club

Starting your own Organization, group or club


Working with Clients


Puppy Raising / Raisers

Feed the Monster

Public Relations / Media

Diploma and Awards


Day Three:  Testing / Certificates

First Aid / Emergency First Aid Kit

Checking your Dog’s Vitals / Dog Health / Daily Check

Food / Nutrition

Service Dog Medical History / Shot Records / Apps

Dog Flu / Viruses / Zoonotic & Interesting Diseases

One on one with Dogs / Training your Dog SD Task

Puppy Aptitude Testing and Certificates

Canine Good Citizen Testing and Certificates*

Public Access Testing and Certificates*

Service Dog Testing and Certificates*

NOTE:  There is no national or international governing body that certifies Service Dogs.  When a dog is "certified," it is by the organization only, and not listed on any national registry.

*Second Chance re-testing is available on February 17, 2018 for those teams who may need to brush up on any skills.


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